Wackes and the product media industry

Listen to our CEO Thomas Davidsson’s interview for key insights on Wackes and the product media industry, providing an interesting overview of what drives our company and the latest trends. (The interview is in Swedish.) In the member portrait of Friends of Executive Thomas takes us on a journey through his career. With a strong […]

A guide to more sustainable textiles

Despite many well-known brands’ best efforts and increasing public awareness, textile consumption is constantly growing. ‘Fast fashion’ is one of our biggest environmental problems and challenges. The textile industry’s impact has a very wide scope: from water consumption to the microfibers that get released into the oceans, the way crops are grown, the chemicals used […]

Step by step towards smarter packaging

At Wackes we strive to make better choices, step by step, including smarter packaging. We work constantly to use less, better or no plastic. It can sometimes be a challenge to change industry practices and find sensible, alternative solutions to protect the product – but we keep trying. Here are some examples where our efforts […]

Wackes On Track – Carbon Tracking Tool

CO2 Calculator

For Wackes, Sustainability is about making better choices – one product at a time, day by day, action by action, choice by choice. By making BETTER product choices, and continually improving our supply chain, we are « on track » to a more sustainable promotional items industry. We have created an internal ‘Carbon Tracking Tool’ […]

Prominate – trends and insights 2021

Trends and instights promotional items

This report combines the latest available research from recognised governing bodies to share how the Covid-19 pandemic has influenced consumer behaviour, particularly in relation to the changing impact on consumer purchase characteristics, and the factors influencing consumers to purchase from certain brands. This is inevitably helping shape global trends for businesses across many industries. You […]