Are you fully taking advantage of all available media?

How does one tell a believable and attractive story of your company when the customer is exposed to more advertising than ever before, without the time to digest it? Promotional products give you the possibility to communicate in a unique manner. That is, if you treat them as an integral part of your advertising campaigns – not as isolated activities outside of the media strategy.

Effective products are founded on your communication concept, not merely on your graphic guidelines. We call such products brand items.

Most companies use branded t-shirts, pens and lanyards. Useful to an extent. Disposable by all means. It is not all about gratitude and feel-good-factor. It is about creating a meaningful and relevant connection between your company and the receiver. Create something that makes a meaningful and lasting impression. Something that people chooses to use in everyday life. Something that speaks to all senses simultaneously. Something that won’t be dismissed. Something that communicates your USP and brand values through every fiber of it’s being.

We believe that products can manifest the very essence of your company and at the same time appeal to your target groups on more levels than simply because they’re getting something for free.

Transform your brand values into brand items and stay top of mind.

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