Consulting and product range
– a comprehensive approach to promotional products that strengthen your brand

What is worth investing in? What gives the most effect and when? Who do you want to reach and what do you want to communicate? Building the right range of promotional products requires skills and understanding to produce the expected effect. The range must reflect the brand and be relevant to the recipients. We tailor the team with the right skills that provide the advice and guidance required. A personal contact person is always available to give you all the help you need. This is what you get, step-by-step, through our consulting sales.

Direct Purchase – When you know what you want

With us, you can find the best possible products at the best possible price. We provide purchasing channels for office supplies, gifts, Christmas presents, and summer presents for partners, customers and employees, as well as events, fairs and conferences. Direct sales through us give you access to both larger quantities and smaller numbers from established brands. In addition to flexible volume management of the standard range, you can always customize and develop specialized collections.


We start the project by thoroughly reviewing goals and expectations.


Depending on the size of the project, the project manager puts together a tailor made team of people with the necessary skills.


When each person has done his internship at Wackes, we present a draft and proposal for products and services that we consider fit your project.


Once we get ready to start work on producing products, we roll the ball and contact the affected factories and suppliers. You will receive ongoing information about the process.


If we manufacture products outside the EU, the products are checked for compliance with all laws and regulations. With our own staff in place in China, we can make checks directly at the factories.


We always compare shipping options based on environmental impact. Shipping by boat from Asia is preferable, but obviously takes a little longer.


You have the option to choose between direct delivery, in stock or sales through the webshop.

Reconciliation ROI

By evaluation, we check that you have the desired effect of your efforts on brand items.

Successful project!

The goal is reached when you have received products that are promised and where the marketing effect is in line with your expectations.

Sketch, original, design and range
– from first idea to finished product

Product range

Marketing impact occurs when the product reflects your brand and feels relevant to your customer. It requires a clear and thoroughly trained process. With us, each product proposal undergoes a range of filters to meet the criteria that are unique to each company. Your profile products should be recognized in all markets and by all recipients, regardless of whether you are a local actor or global company.


Through function, shape and design, promotional products become part of the recipient’s everyday life bringing both pleasure and function. Interpreting your needs and reviewing everything from visual identity to core values, target groups and brand promise is the foundation. With the responses, we land in product solutions where form, function and material are well thought out.


Our international purchasing office guarantees proximity to suppliers and the opportunity of quality and production control. From sourcing and material selection to factory selection and mode of transport and finally order and delivery, we give you the full control of all purchases. Our presence makes it possible to directly influence on site, saving both time and money for you as a customer, us as a supplier and the factory that produces.

Sketch and original

Your company’s core values, visual identity and guidelines form the basis of the product range. Gradually turning ideas into reality to ensure that the result meets your expectations. We produce sketches, create presentations, and prepare a complete basis for the printer, factory or supplier, ensuring that everything complies with your graphical guidelines.

Support, logistics and web shop
– where, when and how you want


We provide support during office hours on three continents and an availability that guarantees secure collaboration. For customer-specific issues, we have always dedicated professionals who are well versed in your business and in current projects. The benefits of being a global player are multiple. With our geographical location in Sweden and internationally, we are also close to storage, distribution and production.


We are always ready to support you with orders and fast deliveries, whether simple shipments or complex global mailings. Moreover, we can stock the products for call-up in pace with demand. Secure final deliveries are guaranteed through geographic coverage with warehouses in Borås for Sweden and Europe as well as warehouses in Shanghai and Atlanta for the rest of the world. In direct connection to our warehouses, we also offer sophisticated sewing skills.

Web Shop

We have developed smart web solutions since our first web shop in 1999. Today, we offer one of the market’s most used and functional solutions. Through a smart and flexible platform, we can improve the experience and adapt it to your needs, so your flow will be exactly as you wish.

For more information or inquiries, contact Thomas Davidsson by phone at +46 (0) 708 – 99 85 11 or email to

  • Main warehouse

    Main warehouse in Borås for deliveries in Europe.

  • Warehouse in America

    Warehouse in Atlanta for deliveries in South and North America.

  • Warehouse in Asia

    Warehouse for delivery in Asia as well as Australia.