Products are powerful

We are living in an ever digitalizing age, not the least in the way we communicate. At the same time as the digital world entails vast opportunities for marketing, we are aware of the fact that the more senses are being activated, the greater chance you have to actually reach out. The opportunity to touch or maybe smell, see, and hear a product for yourself, offers an unrivaled and lasting impression.

A physical product is a powerful channel for marketing with three dimensions, touching all five senses. That is exactly what makes brand items the perfect partner in a campaign aiming to have a high impact. If a product is selected and designed in the right way, it can both leave a lasting impression with the customer and target group, as well as strengthen the relationship with employees and future staff.

Reaching out with a physical product entails the start of a relationship, which won’t end before the product has reached the end of its service life. Coffee mugs, watches, pens, calendars, water bottles, t-shirts, or bags. Even the simplest products have the opportunity to be seen and used, over and over again. As long as the product is useful, appealing, and well-designed, there is high probability that it won’t just be used, but also appreciated.

Compared to a digital banner or a print ad, which are at a high risk of being completely overlooked, misunderstood, or simply not leaving any impression whatsoever, a brand item often becomes a natural feature of your home, at work, or at the gym. Surveys suggest that 47% of the recipients use the product for over a year after they held it in their hands for the first time, and 89% manage to connect the company and the brand to the profile product.

The fact that campaign products are powerful is obvious and PPAI, Promotional Products Association International, argue that it is the physical products’ ability to integrate into the life of the recipient that supplies such an enormous advantage compared to other types of media.
When a company fully integrates and uses brand items, it means they are investing in long-lasting advertising. As a company, you should demand the same of a brand item as you do of other advertising investments. The product should reflect your brand, feel relevant to your customer, and supply the promotional effect you are looking for. Not before then, the unbeatable tactile feeling will continuously be repeated and convey the core of your company’s brand.


Source: PPAI, Promotional Products Association International, Research 2009 ”Effectiveness of promotional product as an advertising medium”

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