Promotional product or brand item – what is the difference?

Promotional products, give-aways, promotional incentives, or brand items – it is easy to somewhat simplify things and think that we find many names for the things we love. But for Wackes, the difference between general promotional products and brand items is big.

As a three-dimensional media channel, a profile product can attract all senses of the recipient. But today many companies invest in products that do not provide any benefit or significant value to the brand. Perfunctory purchase orders of products without any thought of sustainability, quality, or design, leads to a bad investment. A profile product which lacks any connection to the brand and is just a general product with the company’s logo, risks becoming a “throw-away” and an unnecessary strain on the environment.

But what happens when we start to view profile products as an important marketing channel, where you as a company place the same demands on the profile products as you do on other advertising investments? Where every order starts with a creative idea with a clear purpose and aim? Where each gift is appreciated and where quality does not contradict quantity?

We choose to call promotional products brand items.

We want to do more than just design and produce general promotional products carrying a logotype. Our goal is for every single product to remind people of and strengthen your brand. A brand item is part of your entire communication, and as an extension and reflection of your brand it brings benefit both for the company and the recipients. Ideally, your brand items become sought after, relevant, and useful, leading to a long term marketing effect which keeps what your brand promises.

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