Quality and environmental policy

We deliver Brand Item – products and services of high quality that are either designed, developed and/or selected with the focus to achieve customers’ goals for marketing communications. Satisfied customers are our most important asset.

We do this in an economically and commercially sound manner and see our environmental efforts as a long-term investment. We will work in a creative and sustainable way for the global market and strive for all activities to take place with social responsibility and as little environmental impact as possible – no matter where in the world we or our suppliers act.

We maintain high availability, security of supply and service level towards our customers and partners. We will always be innovative, flexible and constantly at the forefront of development in our business areas.

We are constantly working to improve and prevent pollution through our quality and environmental efforts to increase our environmental performance and thereby protect the environment. We do this by setting goals, measuring outcomes and further developing processes, systems, staff and customer relations.

By making conscious product, material and packaging choices, as well as performing environmentally certified transports, we reduce resource consumption and the use of finite resources with our customers.

An obvious starting point in all commitments is to comply with legislation and other binding requirements. Our ambitions also include spreading the knowledge we have and creating engagement for a sustainable society with our partners by focusing on quality, and environmental issues in our organizations.