If you are seen, you exist – the importance of choosing the right reflector

Dangling, hard or soft, vests and wristbands. Today there is a wide variety of reflectors available, and it is important to choose the right ones. As a brand item, a reflector can convey daily concern and a reminder of the importance of being visible. Reflectors are complex optical products. The quality is controlled through measurements where the reflected light is measured in various angles and it is the reflector value itself which determines if the reflector is good enough. When you choose a reflector which is approved and certified, you are guaranteed a brand item which offers both good durability and visibility.

A good reflector can be seen from a distance when it is getting dark or during night time, even when there are poor visibility conditions. According to the Swedish National Society for Road Safety (NTF) you can be seen from a distance of 20-30 meters if you are wearing dark clothes and a car with dipped headlights notice you. There is a big difference if you wear a reflector – then you can be seen from a distance of 125 meters. These meters may determine the difference between life and death and it is recommended for pedestrians to wear reflectors and reflective vests when it is dark outside. The life-span of reflectors varies and it is important to test all reflectors before each dark season begins. Just as for other products, there are general directives regarding the environmental aspects of reflectors. It is important to consider what materials are used in reflectors, especially when it comes to soft reflectors.

Hard prism reflectors do not contain softening substances such as phthalates, but when it comes to soft reflectors it is important to choose a reflector made out of vinyl, which does not have the same adverse effect on human beings and the environment. A brand item should reflect your brand, be relevant for your customer, and provide the best marketing effect possible. And such a simple thing as a carefully selected reflector evokes a sense of both care and concern. This leads to a lasting value, an extension of your brand which takes you a bit closer and sticks around for a bit longer.  

Tips – things to keep in mind when you buy reflectors:
  • Buy approved and certified reflectors
  • Are you hesitating about something – ask to see the approval documentation
  • Dangling, hard, soft, or slap bracelets? Discover all variants to get the best visibility, function and use.


Source: Swedish National Society for Road Safety (NTF)

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