The right brand items are crucial in store campaigns

Increasing sales, launching an innovation, and deepening the customer relation. In-store-competitions and “buy-and-get” campaigns are effective ways of reaching out. With a heart connecting to the brand logo and the message “Baking with love”, Pågen’s “buy-and-get” summer campaign is one of several examples of when the choice of brand item was crucial. A seemingly simple utility product to push in-store-sales lead to 135,000 sold loafs of bread, strong response, and attention. The product? A custom designed toaster in stainless steel which toasted a heart on the piece of bread.

Powerful and creative – from communication idea to signage

Wackes gladly join at an early stage in order to give your campaign the best conditions. We start every new cooperation by going over everything from the visual identity to core values, target group, and brand promise. Then, through our design process we can find product solutions where shape, function, and material suits your brand and target group. In order to ensure safe results, we find a powerful and creative way of reaching out. With the right campaign display you immediately attract attention in the store, which increases the chance to reach out also to those who are not participating in the campaign themselves. The right brand items makes every visit to the store a reminder of your brand, it creates a desire to own, and makes the customer want to choose your product over the products of your competitors.

Logistics and storage – plan the whole campaign period

Air mattresses, beach umbrellas, and cooler bags. Ice scrapers, reflectors, and smartphone gloves. Creating store campaigns, where the products are connected to the time of year, places high demands on good planning and safe logistics. Wackes can handle everything from creative thinking at the early stage and production to final distribution and storage. It’s a safety which guarantees that your campaign delivers what is expected of it.

Quality and quantity – invest in sustainability

“Buy-and-get” campaigns entail the ordering and production of a large quantity of products. But regardless of quantity, it is important to invest in and prioritize quality when it comes to choosing material and content. There is a whole variety of materials and subjects that are more or less suitable. We place high demands on product safety and sustainability, accountability and commitment which strengthens your brand.

For Wackes, a sustainable brand item is a product which is of benefit to the recipient, creates return on the investment, and is produced with high accountability in CSR.

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