”The strong also need to be kind”

Bamse is the theme of this year’s UNICEF christmas ball ornament

Wackes is proud to operate and manage unicefbutiken.se for UNICEF – a pro-bono assignment for the children of the world, where all sales are done for the benefit of UNICEF’s work for children’s rights.

The unique hand-painted Christmas glass ball ornament is a cherished collector’s item and a bestseller amongst the products sold before Christmas on unicefbutiken.se. This year Bamse, illustrated by Rune Andréasson, covers the Christmas ball ornament. In recent years, famous designers such as Ilon Wikland, Lisa Larson, Per Åhlin, and Lotta Kühlhorn have contributed with designs for the Christmas ball ornament.

In UNICEF’s web store there is also a variety of nice Christmas gifts with a good purpose. Here you will find everything from traditional Christmas cards to clothes made of ecological cotton.

Please read more about our work with UNICEF or read our white paper on how we collectively can create ethically, socially, and environmentally sustainable profile products.

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