Wackes award winning Folksam helmet

In 2008 Folksam, one of Sweden’s biggest insurance companies, turned 100 years. As a part of the celebration, they wanted to communicate to the public that Folksam is the number one in traffic research and active work in regards to traffic safety issues.

As a trusted supplier of branded items, Wackes was given the assignment to come up with a creative solution that displayed Folksam in a trustworthy and positive manner.

Produce and hand out 50 000 bicycle helmets in the whole country

Target Group:
The Adult Cyclist – highlighting security and vulnerability

• Folksam reached 231% of the total target for number of media features
• Folksam reached 390% of the target with advertisement value
• The campaign reached a total of 9 million readers
• The campaign created an enormous sense of strength and pride internally

“The whole campaign was thoroughly trustworthy! Everyone at Folksam assembled around this positive phenomenon. The collaboration worked very well, both locally and centrally, and we never had to worry about the product. We could follow the progress through the SAG Design portal, so we knew that deadlines were followed and that we would receive the product we expected. We were constantly updated via images, test reports and other documentation.”
– Folksam, 2008

Profile and Promotion Campaign of the year
The Folksam Helmet Campaign was rewarded with Promotionbiet, the industry award for promotional products in Sweden, for Profile and Promotion Campaign of the Year 2008. This way, the campaign received even more public attention. A tremendously successful campaign, that also helped bicycle enthusiasts all over Sweden to ride their bikes more safely.

Motivation for the award winning Folksam helmet:
“Through a close co-operation with the client, a relatively simple product was transformed to a gift that was greatly appreciated by the target group with results over expectation. The product has a perfect connection to the clients base values and core-business, and therefore fulfills its purpose to a high degree.”

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