What does your USB stick look like on the inside?

We live in an information society where our needs to gather, save, and spread information is continuously growing. Today more and more people are working on the move, and even though reliable cloud services for storage are becoming more common, there are still needs and occasions when a personal USB flash drive is useful.

The capacity of USB flash drives is constantly growing, but at the moment 8GB is the most common and affordable size. A USB flash drive can replace product catalogs, and besides serving as a backup of important documents it is a convenient solution for meetings and conferences.

Many of the custom designed USB flash drives sold today have a PVC case. Silicon, however, is a better choice for meeting EU regulations for manufacturing and environmental issues. Earlier, many USB flash drives were delivered in a small plastic box with a magnet keeping it closed. As a supplier one should ask oneself if this unnecessary detail, made out of a finite resource, is really needed. There are better and more environmentally friendly alternatives.

The most common USB memory model is still the twist model, which has a flexible and safe design thanks to its protective metal bracket. A good USB flash drive should be both secure, fast, and durable. Each time it is being used it wears and in order for a USB flash drive to be a safe backup it is even more important to ask questions about what is not directly visible.

If you as a customer set high standards when it comes to only using controllers (the component sending and receiving data) of the highest quality, e.g. from Silicon Motion or Innostor, you are sure to get a flash drive of the highest quality as well. This having that a controller of such a quality does not allow flash drives with a high number of defective cells, i.e. second grade, downgraded or recycled memory cards.

Ask questions before you buy your USB flash drives on which our brand will be exposed!

What kind of memory card is inside?
What type of controller is inside?
How are the components installed?

Can your supplier certify that the USB flash drive satisfies current legislation regarding electronics? The fact that the product has a CE marking is a matter of course, but one should also be able to attest the CE marking through an EC declaration of conformity, both for RoHS(2011/65/EU) and EMC(2004/108/EC). You should also make sure your supplier is connected to El-Kretsen to meet the producer responsibility (SFS 2005:209).

If you choose to go with a supplier that guarantees quality both for the inside and the outside, you will have an appreciated, durable, and useful brand item.

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